Web and Print Design

< Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Fireworks, Freehand, InDesign >

Fluent in Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Created a wide range of website styles, including corporate, grungy, minimalist, web 2.0, etc. View Design Showcase for recent work and stylistic exercises.

Graphics are produced for internet-based use with various key criteria in mind, including usability, download times, and concept and company branding.

Have produced a range of print materials, from brochures to PDF's. Utilized good typographic and design principles to maximize effectiveness of materials.

Produced graphics and layouts for print houses, in the formats and specifications they require. Familiar with key requirements for print output.

Web Coding and Implementation

< XHTML, CSS, HTML, XSLT, XML, jQuery, DHTML, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio >

All new web designs I produce adhere to Web Standards, with full separation of presentation (CSS) from structure (XHTML). Both XTML and CSS validate unless there are factors in the development environment which preclude this.

Extensive experience in Hand Coding websites for lean and valid markup and styling.

Created sites using both static XHTML / HTML and dynamic code. Interacted with programmers using ASP, ASP.NET, JSP and other dynamic environments, using a variety of code development environments, and interfacing with a variety of application servers and databases. Maintained XSLT and XML based content for websites. Have utilized jQuery for carousels, tooltips, modal windows and slideshows.

Experience in designing both Transactional and Marketing based websites.

Templates with design guides have been produced for programmers to follow when extending the designs given.

Content Management Systems and Ecommerce Systems

< Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Kentico, Umbraco, Dolphin, Interwoven, JShop >

Have integrated SEO amd design work with a wide variety of Content Management Systems - CMS and Ecommerce systems. Have also utilized a number of portal environments, such as those of Oracle, IBM. and Microsoft.

Blogging Platforms

< WordPress, Blogger >

Have used a number of Blogging Systems. Able to customise or create templates. Can configure platform for optimal use.

Music Production and Digital Video

< FL Studio, Adobe Audition, NI Absynth, NI Massive, NI Kontakt, NI Battery, Dimension Pro, Z3ta+, Rapture, Addictive Drums, Albino, Waves, Zebra, Sound Forge, Premiere >

Creating, Editing and Producing Music and Digital Video

Interface Design

Application Interface Design and Implementation / Usability Studies and Implementation / Information Architecture. Application interfaces have been designed using the same variety of techniques as outlined in the web design section above. Have created Icon Sets for Software Applications.

Actionscript / Lingo Programming

< Flash, Director >

Coding and debugging Lingo / Actionscript programming, for Internet, CD-Rom or Kiosk

3D Animations

< Bryce, Poser, 3D Studio, Infini-D >

Conceiving and executing 3D Animations.