Skilled at SEO'ing websites which outperform competitors for Search Rankings, Visitors, Conversions and Revenue. Have driven search performance for SME's and household name large Corporations across multiple marketplaces. Can optimise for main search engine rankings, for Vertical Search such as Video, Image, Product, Local and Blogs, and through Social Media and Social Bookmarking. Experienced in PPC, CRO and Web Analytics.

Google Certification Program

Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam = 92%

Display Advertising Advanced Exam = 88%

Reporting and Analysis Advanced Exam = 88%

Keyword Research

Understanding the Keyword potential in a customers market, in terms of search volumes, competition, and more. Able to sythesize a company's own language with the terms that searchers actually use to realise true potential.

Can target long tail search and produce pages which focus on individual key phrases with maximum on page strength, backed up by appropriate internal and external link strategies, whilst avoiding keyword cannibalisation. Can predict and respond to changing market conditions and shifts in demand with keyword focus.

On Page Optimisation

Highly aware of factors within the XHTML / HTML page which major search engines utilize to rank importance of the page. Utilise factors such as: keyword appropriate page titles, H1 and other header tags, correct document structure, content high in the source code, high content to markup ratios, externalising CSS and javascript, First paragraph and bolded focus, filenames of images, etc.

Currently utilize valid XHTML / CSS coding to separate style from content, and facilitate Search Engine rankings.

Off Page and Link Strategy

Have developed Link Strategies based around identifying market leading websites, and high Google PageRank related websites, and establishing Site Links there.

Inbound link development through blogging, and through blog comments. Directory linking strategies implementation. Create news stories, press releases and link bait. Ensure natural linking patterns including sufficient and appropriate deep linking.

Site Configuration Optimisation

Skilled at site setup to ensure maximum search engine friendliness. Can eradicate non-canonical duplication errors and multiple domain duplicate errors. Ensure that HTTP headers and 404 headers are set correctly. Can measure and correct Google supplementary index issues. Set up robots.txt, sitemap.xml and htaccess files.

Can correct javascript only navigation which blocks site spidering and flow of PageRank. Will check appropriate localised domain hosting issues, and shared IP address issues. Will track down broken links, and dead ends, and will implement optimal information architecture, including flat site structure.

Competitive Analysis

Determining who your competitors really are in the search results and what their strengths and weaknesses are is a key component of SEO strategy. They may be major players, niche companies or affiliates.

Can analyse the competition in terms of understanding their key phrase targeting, on page strength, inbound link strength, domain factors such as age and keyphrase inclusion, and more. Able to piggyback on the success of the competition by appropriately using factors which give them their strength to my clients advantage.

Google Places / Bing Local / Yahoo Local SEO

Can generate further website exposure through both Google Places and Bing Local optimisation. Local listing submission, review management, citation strategy (across properties such as Qype, Brownbook, Yelp, Hotfrog, Thomson Local, Up My Street, Trusted Places,, Info Serve, Scoot, Smile Local, My 118, etc).

Web Analytics

Expert with Google Analytics. On the basis of analysis of website Visitor Behaviour, have developed a range of improvements to websites to promote longer visits, guided paths through sites, and promotion of goal pages, such as check-out pages. Create Advanced segments to isolate non-brand traffic, high revenue and conversion generating keywords and landing pages, and Goal Funnel optimisation.

Conversion Rate Optimisation - CRO

Long experience of usability and information architecture best practice. Highly skilled at optimisation based on conversion rate analysis and recommendations - CRO (conversion rate optimisation). Fully focussed on maximising the conversion and revenue generation of website traffic.

Pay Per Click Advertisements - PPC

Extensive experience with both Google Adwords and Yahoo campaigns. Have managed large numbers of adverts, monitoring Price Per Click, Click Through Rates, and goal conversion, and advising on campaign development.

Have developed custom Landing Pages to maximize effectiveness of Ad Campaigns.

Social Media Strategies

Can generate business exposure through social media optimisation. Able to optimise Images, Video, Products, News, and Blogs. Can utilise Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn for link generation, content exposure and brand management. Can advise on Facebook advertising for highly targeted message exposure.

Social Bookmarking Strategies

Can generate further website exposure through social bookmarking optimisation. Have used StumbleUpon, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Technorati, Fark, Orkut, as well as the social bookmarking services of MySpace, Facebook, Google, Live, LinkedIn and Buzz.

Google Product SEO

Can maximise product / ecommerce exposure through Google Product / Merchant / Base listings. Listings submission, review management and optimisation service.

Client and Account Management

Experienced at handling multiple client accounts with superior workflow and quality customer service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Equally at home with SEO for Corporate or SME websites.

Utilise both third party and my own custom tools for optimal workflow efficiency. Experienced user of Basecamp / Batchbook for project and client management. Client centred approach rather than blinkered technical focus delivers happy customers, increased customer retention and lowered customer churn.

Happy to take on so-called 'difficult customers' and transform them into active promotors of the company and service.

Brand Development

Have analyzed Businesses and established the necessities for Developing their Brands, based on the strengths of their business and the opportunities in the market.

Have created Brand Identity Materials and other Marketing Collateral, such as Logos, Letterheads, Window Signage, Mouse mats, Software Interface and Icon design, Posters and Banners, Screen savers and Wallpapers, Newspaper and other Adverts, and various Print-based Documents, PDF's and other formats.

Marketing Copy

Have created Copy for a variety of web and other media, based on AIDA. principles of marketing. Able to create copy to match target audiences, products and services and media types.

Press Releases

Have produced a range of Press Releases, for both Online and Offline Media outlets. Have researched and compiled lists of suitable News Release outlets.

HTML Email Newsletters

Have produced a range of HTML Email Newsletters, featuring tight copy to encourage clicks, and use of Tracking URL's to monitor User Response.